" I am a singer/artist and my work covers a wide artistic range
visions and ideas are constantly updated depending upon on-going artistic processes"

Malin Carlberg _It s all in your own head__Moment 2.jpg

Currently Malin C. Carlberg is working at Studio-SOS art and music in Malmö/Sweden. Singing and playing the piano and flute/saxofon at solo concerts, weddings, baptism ceremonies and funerals. She also do other gigs like parties, festivals and events.

Swedish artist Malin C. Carlberg has a wide repertoire, focusing on jazz, blues and trads. She is inspired by french chansons, and interprets her own compositions as well as covers from various artists. For several years she has interpreted traditional Swedish folksongs and songs and epistles by Carl Michael Bellman.

Some highlights from her career: The Bellman project together with violinist and composer Stefan Pöntinen, presented at a number of occasions in southern Sweden, with grand final at the Stockholm open air museum Skansen. For many years Malin has cooperated with artist Sten-Ove Persson, Malmö. Together with him and with Stefan Pöntinen they created the train opera “Oggi Come Oggi”, invited by the Swedish national railroads (SJ), and performing summertime on the line Malmö-Stockholm-Göteborg-Malmö. In the  train opera Malin interpreted Swedish folk songs from the time when the Swedish railroad system was built. Art projects together with Sten-Ove Persson under the Studio SOS “umbrella” provided international performance-opportunities for Malin in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and New Yersey. The Malmö scene provided gigs for Malin with jazz and bluesbands at several occasions and at the MALMÖ festival. Together with the New Orleans band Hallavara Stompers Malin has for several years performed regularly as singer and musician at church concerts and other gatherings in Båstad and in the Bjäre peninsula in the northwestern parts of Skåne.